The Birth of NatalieAnu

Get to know the person behind the name.  The heart underneath the words.  The soul ready to nourish you.

Anu is the name of the midwife that helped my mother birth me.  A long, hard labour – I was coming into the world face-first, ready to drink in its wonders.  Little did I know this name would be so deeply interwoven and unknowingly impactful.

NatalieAnu was founded in 2014 by me: Natalie Anu Stebbing. Originaaly from England, UK where Itrained & worked as a Registered Midwife since 2008. Sadly, I lost the sight in one eye & had to leave her dream career.

During this difficult period I took time to reflect, heal and look to the future. I turned my focus to my hobby: massage, and became a Certified Holistic & Pregnancy Massage Therapist in England in 2014. 


Serendipity was also at play & during a trip to Colombia I met my now husband and followed my heart to Canada where I now live with him & our 3 children.

Following an incredible first birth & whilst pregnant with our second child in 2016 I certified as a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator & am now sharing these passions with the families of Calgary. 

I continues to learn and grow and have subsequently added Infant Massage Instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200hr+80hr Pre/Postnatal Yoga) to my practice.

My vmission is  to provide a full spectrum service for families to achieve their best selves and I’m dediccated to advocating for all without judgement or discrimination.

"She brought a sincerity to the course material and took her time to consistently deliver the course content. I felt really comfortable because Natalie is so relatable. [...] I really just enjoyed hanging out with Natalie - she is a lovely human!"
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"We cannot always control how our bodies react; but we ca always choose how to respond" - NatalieAnu