Birth Doula Services + The HypnoDoula™ Experience

Whether you are planning for a Caesarean section birth or Home water birth, everyone deserves to have amazing birth support.  At NatalieAnu we believe that every birth is amazing and should be valued – no matter how or where it happens.

Your body - Your baby - Your birth

When you choose NatalieAnu for birth support, you are not just getting a Doula, you are investing in a former Midwife- who better to walk with you through the twist an turns of pregnancy, labour & birth?

What is a Birth Doula?

A Doula means different things to different people, and there are cultural differences in how they are described (Birth Keeper, Traditional Birth Attendant, Birth Support Peerson, Birth Worker).

A Doula is a support person who will meet with you and your family before birth to help you assess what kind of birth you are hoping for, allay some fear you may have and give you tangible tools to take with you into birth and beyond. Birth Doulas will attend your birth with you if you wish (whether that be at home, birth centre, hospital…or all three!) and add an extra level of support, confidence and comfort during birth. Doulas will advocate for you during birth when and if you are not able to, in order for you to have the best possible birth experience.

NatalieAnu works with a collective of of Doulas to ensure that you are ALWAYS supported.  If there is an unforeseeable circumstance preventing me attendance at your birth, one of these  wonderful souls is on backup om-call (and vice-versa) meaning no mama is ever left unattended.

Why do I need a Birth Doula?

There is now a growing body of scientific research to reinforce what has anecdotally and traditionally been known for a long time: continuous female support in labour increases your chances of having a normal birth.  It has also been shown to shorten your labour time and increase positive birth experiences as well as reduce perception of pain in labour – pretty great, eh?

 If you are hoping to birth vaginally, hiring a Birth Doula can  reduce your risk of intervention during labour making the likelihood of a normal labour requiring instrumental assistance or operative birth much less likely. Hooray!

For women who know that their baby will be coming out through the sun roof (planned Cesarean section), birth Doulas can still work as their advocate and assist in normalising the process and procedure.

Birth Doulas are expert birth support people and can help release your fears surrounding birth, whatever that birth looks like to you.

Whatever your birth journey looks like hiring a Birth Doula can help it feel SHORTER, LESS PAINFUL, MORE ENJOYABLE, EASIER & FULLY SUPPORTED.

Doulas act as a wonderful adjunct to your birth provider (midwife/obstetrician), but does not replace it. Doulas are also there to offer EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL & INFORMATIONAL SUPPORT to the whole family. Birth is a unique and intense period, and everyone involved needs a little hand-holding at times – that includes partners/siblings/grandparents – and Doulas are well placed to do that so that you can focus on doing what you need to birth a tiny person Earthside! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to behaving a Homebirth to have a Doula?

A: No! As your Doula, I support YOUR birth choices without judgement or expectation (including planned Caesareans)

Q: What if you can’t get there?

A: I work in a collective so that I can ensure you have 34/7 365 coverage for your birth.   You don’t have to call on the back-up team if you don’t want; but they are there if you do

Q: I want an Epidural.  Do you support that?

A: Yes.  I work in collaboration with you to support whatever coping strategies you choose.  I can offer up-to-date, evidence-based information to empower you to make the right choice for you.

Q: What about COVID-19?

A: Birthing in a pandemic is a dynamic situation.   The guidelines & policies are changing frequently, so the exact information will be offered accordingly.  Whatever happens, we can create the best plan together.

You can focus on birthing life – Leave the rest to your Doula.

"[We most valued] Her expertise and genuine beautiful personality. She was very professional, reliable and most importantly was excellent during labor. Her gentle touch massages during contractions and coaching me on the hypno birthing techniques and mindset was exactly what we needed. We owe Natalie so much for helping us achieve our home birth! She is amazing and I loved our connection !!"
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Crystal & James

Looking for something extra special?

The HypnoDoula™ Experience

We offer a unique experience combining HypnoBirthing techniques and Doula know-how.

Is it for me?

HypnoDoula™ birth support is best suited to anyone looking to empower themselves with positivity during pregnancy and birth.

By taking the HypnoBirthing course you’ll learn how to release your fears an anxieties around birth with lifelong tools and techniques to help navigate uncertainty and sensation.

Combined with Doula support you welcome a HB educator into your birth space to help support and guide an intuitive birth experience


  • Deep relaxation
  • Individualised, unique & tailored support

  • Birth preparation – no need for additional prenatal classes

  • Hypnosis techniques

  • Fear Release/Surrender techniques

  • Positive Birth Talk

  • Active Birth strategies

  • Breathing techniques

  • Affirmations & Visualisations

  • Massage

"The reassurance that the body is supremely intelligent. It knows how to give birth and watching all the stories of women having beautiful calm births has planted all the right seeds to eliminate fear. It helps to deprogram hollywood's interpretation of child birth that we have had rammed down our throats." - Philip HypnoDoula client
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Peaceful - Powerful - Positive