Local connections & pregnancy + birth essentials recommendations

Pregnancy, Birth + Baby Essentials

Local Prenatal & Postpartum Practitioners


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Melissa Reinke – Naturally Balanced Thereapy, NE

Jessica de Nooij – The Wellness Studio, NW

Lindsay Nealon – Healthy Families, NW

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists:

Kirstyn Richards – MOSS Postpartum House, NW

Nav Grewal – Kaaiaa, SE

Mental Health Support

AIM Therapy – Meagan Synnott –  Birth trauma & addictions specialist, MSW

Sharon Storton – Registered Psychologist

The Essence of you counselling – Jen Reddish – Counsellor specialising in grief and Rage in motherhood

Family Rource Centres

Families Matter family programs and resources

Children’s Cottage society – family support & childcare

Lactation Consultants:

Natalie Borden ?IBCLC – Calgary Breastfeeding Support

Therapeutic Paediatric Massage:

Same Stars Wellness – in-home & in-clinic therapeutic massage for families (for torticolis, plagiocephaly etc)

Infant & Child Physiotherapy:

Calgary Youth Physio: – NW & SE locations to assess mobility/developmental delays & treat paediatric issues (such as torticolis & plagiocephaly)

National & International Resources

Spinning Babies – Daily activities for pregnancy

Infant Sleep


Lyndsay Hookway – Lactation Consultant & Sleep Specialist

Sarah Ockwell Smith – Biological Infant Sleep Specialist


Global Breastfeeding Collective

La Leche League


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